Michelle Bonanno currently teaches Social Studies 6 and Spanish IA

Red Creek Central School District



Welcome to Social Studies Grade 6 with Mrs.Bonanno. During the Academic School Year you will be exposed to the following areas of Social Studies:

· Stone Age (old and new eras)

· Early Civilizations of the Americas

· Ancient Greece and Rome

· Renaissance

· Exploration and Colonization

· Imperialism, Nationalism, and Unification

                 This Website will provide you with links to both Social Studies and Spanish sites that provide extra practice for you at home.  In addition, you will find links to grades, project lists, a calendar, and how to contact me. *Please note: This Web page is under ongoing construction.  When you access the links you must also know that you will be leaving the district web site. Thank you

Text Box: –Stone Age (Old and New eras)

Text Box: –Early Civilizations of the Americas

Text Box: –Ancient Greece and Rome

Text Box: –Renaissance

Text Box: –Exploration and Colonization

Text Box: –Imperialism, Nationalism, and Unification

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