Appendix A


A Statement of Philosophy

We believe that a school should be a safe and inviting place for learning. A successful school environment is dependent upon a high standard of student behavior. Each studentís general behavior should not interfere with the safety, comfort, or education of others. Students are expected to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Appropriate behavior is everyoneís responsibility.

General School Rules

1. Each studentís general classroom behavior should not interfere with the safety, comfort, or education of others.

2. Students are expected to treat all adults with courtesy, cooperation and respect. Any child at large in the building is subject to the discipline of any teacher or other school personnel.

3. In the halls, students are expected to:

- walk quietly

- speak quietly

- keep to the right

- keep hands off the walls

- avoid pushing and shoving

- go directly to your destination

4. In assemblies, students are expected to:

- enter and exit the assembly area in quiet, orderly fashion

- be attentive and courteous to performers and speakers

- remember that they represent the Cuyler School to all guests

5. While on the playground, each student is expected to follow the rules for playground safety.

6. Extra curricular and after school activities are a privilege. Students are expected to:

- follow all regular school rules

- dress and groom accordingly

- stay in the designated area at all times

Students may not leave an activity until a person designated to take that student from the activity has identified himself/herself to the activity sponsor. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE RELEASED OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING PARENT OR PARENT DESIGNEE.

7. Gum chewing is not allowed in the school or on school grounds while school is in session.

8. No student may take anything from within or on top of anotherís desk, as well as anotherís personal belongings, without permission.

9. All materials, equipment, supplies and books provided by the district are to be treated with care and respect. Payment is expected for lost or damaged books/ materials.

10. The use of possession of alcohol, tobacco products and/or paraphernalia, and illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.

11. Written parental permission is required for students wishing to ride their bikes or walk to school. Students riding bicycles are required to wear appropriate safety headgear.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the school will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to. warnings, oral reprimands, loss of privileges, detention, conferences with parents, referral to the Principal, and suspension from school.