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Appropriate behavior in our classroom is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE for every child. It is a necessity that we learn to work, cooperate, study, play, and get along. I realize that it is not possible for everyone to be best buddies, but I FULLY EXPECT that everyone will treat each other with respect, kindness, and courtesy. It saddens me when people treat each other in a mean, hurtful, heartless manner. Our goal is to avoid this in our classroom.

To foster a positive classroom environment I use a S.T.A.R. System to monitor behavior. The children start every day with four colored stars, each with a value related to minutes of playtime.

Click on the links below to print the stars needed for this management plan.

    Green Star = 5 minutes                 Yellow Star = 10 minutes                 Orange Star = 15 minutes    

    Red Star = 20 minutes                Yea for You Star                    Sign   

If an unacceptable behavior occurs after an initial friendly warning, the child will be asked to flip over their green star. If another negative behavior occurs the yellow star is turned over. The goal by the end of the day is to have all stars facing forward, meaning the child has earned their entire playtime.

 At the end of each day the children will be coloring a star on their behavior report that denotes their points earned for the day. The most points that can be earned is 20. On Friday they will bring this report home so that it can be signed by the parent.

                                                                Weekly  Behavior  Report Template 

Children who lose their entire playtime will be required to write a behavior report that is taken home and signed by the parent. The purpose of the report is to get them thinking about their actions and take part in the problem solving that is needed to eradicate the negative behavior. Interaction with the parent is an essential component in this process. It is my hope that by self-reflection, problem solving, and mutual support we will be able to foster the classroom environment needed to have a successful school year.

  Written Behavior Report  

  Parent Letter 




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