WHOA! You made it to 7th grade!

This year should prove to be fun and interesting. Two words that describe what youíll be doing in this class are variety and skill-building.


What will we be doing in English 7?

We will be exploring several genres of literature and many styles of writing.

We will be building our vocabulary and learning terms which will allow us to discuss the stories we read and the characters we meet with accuracy and understanding.

We will be practicing reading, utilizing strategies to increase our understanding asnd active reading techniques.


The importance of homework

You will get homework for two reasons. The first reason may be to practice a skill or technique learned in class. You are more likely to retain new skills and information through repetition and practice. The second reason you may receive homework is to set up the next dayís lesson. For example, you may be assigned a short story to read, and the next dayís class will be about that short story. If you didnít prepare for it, youíll be lost in class and you and the class will suffer as a result.






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