Explanation of rules:

1.      Work Hard – My expectation is that you put an honest effort into whatever tasks we are working on. Incomplete work and work that reflects little effort will need to be redone. Ask for help if you don’t understand something. Research proves that a good work ethic is more important than brains or talent for success.

2.      Be Curious – I expect you to ask questions. If you are wondering something – ask! Asking questions builds connections.

3.      Get Better – I expect you to be better than you were yesterday – and tomorrow to be better than you are today. Learn from mistakes, build on experiences. Reflect on your day and think, “What could I do to be better tomorrow?” Then take small steps to improve each day.

4.      Follow Directions – Follow these four rules, and read and follow any directions given to you. Underline key parts of directions, then re-read the directions when you think you are done to ensure you’ve followed them. Ask for clarification if you aren’t sure about what is expected.





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