The Red Creek Teachers Association (RCTA) Retirement Park was created in 1973 as a living memorial to staff members of the Red Creek Central School District.

The park, designed by former Jr.-Sr. High School art teacher Susie Andrews, is located on the south side of the current high school.  Trees have been planted in the shape of the sun, with the arms radiating outward.  At the center of the park is a rock donated by the William Farnham family.

The history of the park is inextricably tied to the history of the district itself.

In the late 1960's, overcrowding at the old high school on Church Street led to a state-mandated plan to merge the district with North Rose-Wolcott.  Residents, driven by pride in the academic, musical, and athletic achievements of their children, opposed the merger and appealed the merger order to the State Board of Regents.  After a series of legal skirmishes against heavy odds, the district was given permission to build a new high school on the current South Street campus.

In conjunction with the opening of the new school in September 1973, Donald Claflin, Irene Bidwell, and other RCTA members appealed to the board of Education for land to be dedicated to the park.

Today, when teachers retire from service with the district, trees are planted in their honor in the park, continuing the tradition that began almost 30 years ago.

Special thanks goes out to Seely Nursery.  They have been involved with this project for nearly 30 years, and have done a beautiful job with all the planting and maintainance of the park. Seely Nursery is located on Duck Lake Road  in Red Creek.