Free Weights



Cardio Machines


Fitness Center Rules:
The fitness center is available to members age 13 years and over. A free orientation is required before the equipment can be used. All persons must sign a release/waiver form before using the fitness center. Members 13-17 must have a guardian sign their release.

Fitness Room Schedule



Open all times facility is open. Physical Education classes will be using  the fitness room at the times listed below. Members are still welcome to use the fitness room, but it may be crowded.

November 3rd  November 25th            7:47 10:50

December 1st December 23rd              11:24 2:24  

Mon. Wed. & Fri. 2:30 3:30 Small groups throughout the school year.



        Please sign-in @ front desk.

        Wipe down machines after use.

        All fitness center hours are for young adults and adults.


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