Supplies Needed for Kindergarten


1. Sneakers for Phys. Ed. : Students must wear sneakers to participate in P.E.

2. Back pack: A backpack or zipper bag works wonderfully for getting our many projects, books and papers home safely. Please put your child’s name on the inside of the backpack!

3. Two pocket folder: Each night the children are asked to place all papers or notices to go home in their folder. The vinyl ones hold up best.

4. Crayons & pencils: A box of crayons (no more than 24) will be used by your child almost daily. A few pencils to start the year with would help. Please put your child’s name or initials on both the crayons and pencils.

5. Rest Mat: A large beach towel or a small polar fleece blanket proves to work the best. They store easily in our small cubbies. Please put your child’s name on that as well!

6. Glue Sticks (3): We seem to go through Glue sticks quickly yet they truly work the best for our students. Three large Elmers’ School Glue sticks would be most appreciated.

7. Tissues: It helps tremendously when each family sends in one box of tissues.

Reminder: No jewelry can be worn to Phys. Ed. – including earrings! Please keep in mind that after piercing, it is not recommended that earrings be taken out for 6 weeks.