TO:                  Cuyler Parents


FROM:            Lynda L. Sereno, Principal


SUBJECT:       Student Placement for 2006-07 School Year


DATE:             April 26, 2006



            During the months of May and June, the Cuyler staff will be devoting considerable time and energy placing children into classrooms for the up-coming year.  It is both the district's policy and the Cuyler's philosophy to create heterogeneous classes that support learning for all children.  Therefore, the primary goal of the placement team is to produce classes that are balanced in terms of gender, abilities, social maturity and peer relationships, and which are likely to foster healthy and productive learning environments.


            As parents, you can assist us during this important process in the following ways:


§         Placement is a complex process requiring the synthesis of a great deal of information and variables.  The placement team consists of your child's grade level teachers, specialists, special educators, support staff and me.  You can greatly help by trusting that our knowledge and familiarity with your child's cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs will lead to good decisions and appropriate groupings for all students.


§         To embrace the diversity which we value in our school, our students need to learn to accept and relate to a variety of people.  While we will carefully consider peer relationships as one important variable in the placement process, children who learn to relate to a variety of children are more likely to succeed academically and socially.


§         Teachers have been asked not to discuss placement with individual parents.  This places inappropriate expectations on a teacher and compromises the fairness of the placement process.  Conferences and conversations this spring are opportunities to discuss your child's progress and growth during the school year.


§         As in the past, parents are invited to share specific information related to your child.  All information must be presented in writing, addressed to me.  I will review the data you provide in the context of the whole placement process, and pass appropriate data along to the placement teams.  Please be concise and limit your comments to the following topics:

o       Your child's specific learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and/or needs;

o       A request that a younger sibling not be placed with the teacher an older sibling had;

o       Other pertinent information that the classroom teacher may not have access to.

o       Requests for individual teachers will not be accepted.


Please remember that your input is welcomed and valued, but is only one element considered in the process.  There are sometimes diverse opinions as to what is best for each child, each class, and the school.  In the final analysis, the staff create classes which will most benefit each child, and will contribute to the smooth operation of the school.


The placement process will begin in early May.  If you choose to contribute input about your child’s placement, please submit it in writing, addressed to Mrs. Sereno, no later than May 9th.  Letters that arrive after that date may not receive consideration.




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