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Safety First – Sex Offender Notification

Ensuring the safety of our children is a major focus for the Red Creek Central School District. Although our primary responsibility lies in maintaining a safe school environment, we recognize that safety concerns extend off school property and within our community. We also recognize that promoting safety requires an active partnership between school personnel and community residents, including a sharing of information and resources.

The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act (Megan’s Law) permits law enforcement agencies to disseminate information to the community concerning registered sex offenders who are known to be living in a certain area. Information about and photographs of these individuals may be obtained online through the Division of Criminal Justice Services website at  http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/nsor/index.htm . Click on “Search Subdirectory” found on the right side of the page. After completing a brief form, you will be able to obtain information about convicted sex offenders who live in any area of the state by simply keying in a zip code or a county. School officials periodically monitor this site and receive cooperation from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

The Red Creek Central School District Safety Committee is comprised of school staff and members of local community agencies. The staff checks  visitors within school buildings and are advised to report anyone who may be loitering on or around school property during the school day. School staff uses age-appropriate programs to teach children about dealing with strangers or anyone who may approach them in a questionable manner.

Please contact Andrew DiBlasi, Business Administrator, 754-2016, or NYS Trooper Ben Kauder, School Resource Officer, 754-4116 if you have questions, concerns, or information relating to student or school safety issues.